“Cat and Girl are Relative”

I think this comic picture has something to do with the interpretation of art. How people interpret art. As we also mentioned in class, as far as the meaning of an art work, we can’t be right or wrong about it. It is true that some people might give a more detailed explanation of their interpretation of the art work but that doesn’t mean the other group of people is less right.

Another point I wanted to make is that, what gives a meaning to an art work is the viewer and not so much the artist. Of course the artist has something in mind when does his work. However, his art work can have different meanings for different people. That said, what can sound like the Ramones and like the Beat Happening to someone, it sound the same music to someone else. What tastes like red wine and white wine to someone, it tastes the same to someone else…etc. And, going back to the artist, (Emily Dickinson example) it doesn’t mean that the artist does the art work the way you interpret it. It just means that the way you interpret it is the way YOU view the art work, but that’s not necessarily the way I view it, or SOMONE ELSE views it. We apply our life experiences when we comment on a piece of art. And as we all know, our life experiences are not the same. Therefore, we all give different meaning to the same thing.

I don’t understand very well how Cat and Girl are Relative (I have trouble on this one) but maybe because at the end the cat that says that the milk is bad is standing right beside the girl…and maybe they both agree that the milk is bad. But some of the interesting comments I read below the picture pointed out that the milk might be bad for the cat and the girl but not for the lactic acid bacteria. That brings us back to “It’s the viewer who makes the meaning”



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  2. I like your emphasis on the subjective experience of a person when encountering art. I think it is very important and Cat and Girl are Relative show that by the example of the milk. Do you think then, that art has any objectivity ?

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